Tuesday, May 27, 2008

To (spend) DKP or not to (spend) DKP, that is the question!

Last night was an interesting night in TK. We started with everyone's favorite phoenix, Al'ar, who was kind enough to drop the Arcanite Steam-Pistol. At this point (already, augh!) I have a moment of agony over whether or not to bid on it. Stat-wise, it's not that different from my Sunfury Bow, being only one more agi and 4-ish more dps. Is this an upgrade worth 70 dkp, I had to ask myself, and ask fast, because bidding doesn't wait for me to debate stuff. It will take me roughly three raids to make this up, by the by, because of the way we run dkp in our guild. What decided me in the end was the +19 hit.

But Asara, you're at 140 right now, why do you need 19 more hit? Well, it's more about the other options I have in my bank at the moment. The main one being a ring, Angelista's Revenge. This is a big upgrade, stats-wise, over my Kara rep ring. But it's missing the 15 hit rating, which means (for me) right now, it's a no-go. I'm a dps class, and if I'm missing I'm not only not doing any DPS, I'm wasting money by throwing away arrows. So this gun, in that sense, is great, because I can switch out my ring and actually be OVER the hit cap of 142, instead of just below. So I'm happy, even though I'm not much of a gun person, and it means I'm going to have to farm mats to make myself an ammo pouch AND get a new scope. I'm going to come out much better on the other end, even if I will be extremely noisy (and not look NEARLY as pretty).

However, High Astromancer Solarian had different plans for me. She decided that she didn't want her Star-Strider Boots any more. These are a definite upgrade from the Fiend Slayer Boots I was still sporting from Kara. But.. I held back from bidding. Why? Because I had snagged a boot pattern in SSC the night before, and I was planning on making those as soon as I got the mats farmed up. Patterns are 20 dkp, and Solarian's boots were going to cost me another 60. I can't use them both. My CL disagreed, AND my CLA disagreed, so I ended up bidding after all. Sigh.

Now you're saying, come on Asara, an upgrade is an upgrade, right? Well, yes, that's true. And I am happy. The problem I have NOW is that my Kara boots had hit rating on them, 17, in point of fact, and the Star-Strider boots don't. Which means.. I'm just about right back where I started, hit-rating wise. I trade no hit on my bow with 19 hit on my gun, but lose 17 when I swap out my boots. And that means I still can't use the ring I just spent 60 badges on. /headdesk.

There is still hope, however. I will eventually be getting my T5 shoulders, which have 13 hit on them, as well as two red sockets. I could drop a nice orange hit/agi gem in one of them, and THEN I could swap out my rings. I was hoping that would happen last night, but of the three bosses we downed, Loot Reaver was the only one not being nice to me. He dropped double Defender and a Champion. Still, even if he had dropped triple Hero tokens, it wouldn't have mattered, as there were three other people in the raid with more DKP than me after all was said and done.

In the meantime I get to pretend I'm a gangster in a Dick Tracy movie, with my little gatling gun. :D Man.. I remember when being a hunter was easy. Mail? Agility? MINE. End of story. *sigh* Not anymore! And tonight is Hyjal.. hopefully the only thing I'll need to worry about is how much ammo to bring to last me until I get to honored with Scale of the Sands!

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Hope you had a good long weekend! :)

Cynra said...

If you want to equip a piece of gear but are afraid of not having the Hit required to do damage, you have a couple of options:

* Get Surefooted enchanted on your boots (10 Hit)
* Eat some Spicy Hot Talbuk (20 Hit)
* Request to have a draenei warrior/paladin/hunter placed in your group for Heroic Presence - which will also benefit your pet! (1% Hit = 15.77 Hit)
* Ask your friendly neighborhood Balance druid with three ranks in Improved Faerie Fire to keep that up at all times (3% Hit = 47.31 Hit)

I usually plan on having a draenei in my group since she's a fellow hunter. Spicy Hot Talbuk is saved for when I want to equip my higher damaging gear without sacrificing my Hit. And I still need to get Surefooted myself.

All in all, you've got options! And, really, don't get pressured into purchasing gear you don't need. It'll help if you prepare a list of upgrades before you step foot into an instance in order to make sure you don't waste DKP on stuff that are minimal or side upgrades.