Tuesday, May 13, 2008


This is Lady Vashj. She is, to put it simply, difficult. Probably the biggest stumbling-block our guild has come upon since we entered SSC. Lurker took us a while too, but we did eventually take him down. The rest of the bosses in SSC went down in relatively quick succession after that. And then we hit Vashj. We've cleared up to her I think three or four times so far, with little to no success at that point. We can get to Phase 2 with very few problems. But somewhere in there, things just fall apart. We've tried several different strategies, but something always gets away from someone, and we wipe again and again.

Last night we had 4 hunters, so we each got a quadrant to handle elementals. I felt that I was handling mine pretty well, until my pet got destroyed by forked lightning. After that, I had a lot of trouble keeping up. I'd stop to rez my pet, drop a mend on it, and keep moving, only to have it drop again from another forked lightning in short order. But you can't yell at anyone for heals or whatever because they're all already yelling at everyone else, the tanks are going, where's the dps, the dps are going, where's our heals, the kiter is falling down because not enough people are dropping slows on the strider, everyone's got a finger to point.

Next time, I'm hoping things will go better, at least for me. I got my t5 gloves from Leotheras, so I'm rocking the set bonus, which heals my pet a percentage of the damage I do. I think that will help me a great deal in getting my job done. In the meantime, if anyone has any strategy, hints, tips, whatever, for the entire encounter, I'd love to hear them. We all feel that we should be able to do this, we just need to get things coordinated. Thanks!! :)

(Image borrowed from Blackhand Warfare)

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Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

a strategy? that was the only thing i understood so i don't think i have one??? ha ha ha

smiles, bee

Matticus said...

Everyone is assigned to do a job. It sounds like there's nothing wrong with the strategy you Guild is using, just the execution. I'd suggest working on each component individually. We use a Warlock for kiting striders. There's usually 2-3 DPS for the elementals. There's an insane amount of coordination required to pass up the cores. I hope you're using the announce macro for the cores as well, since that seems to help.

Kael is a test of your ability to handle different phases accordingly.

Vashj tests your Guilds ability to handle spontaneousness. You never really know when the dirty cores are going to arrive. Your melee healers have to stay in the middle and be sure to avoid incoming nagas. My Guild spent a good 20 hours or so on the boss. Expect to dedicate time along those lines.

FRIGGA said...

Yep, that all went over my head - but the picture, she looks pretty bad-ass ;-0

Mags said...

Yay! (I have no idea what this means, but I feel like a YAY! is in order) :)

Great job on winning the MM of the week-your doodle was pretty cool. :)