Monday, May 12, 2008

Sigh.. back to work :(

Happy Monday Morning, y'all.

I am back at work again.. I miss my vacation already! Hubby and I had a wonderful time, even though we didn't go out of town at all. Friday night we went out to a local blues club with my brother-in-law and his wife. I discovered that chocolate martinis are delicious (if expensive). We had some munchies there, and I got pretty tipsy. I get impulsive when I've had a bit to drink, so when hubby asked me if there was anything else I wanted to do before we went home, I told him I wanted to go run on the beach! The closest beach is about half an hour away, but we had the rental car and a full tank of gas, so off we went. I fell asleep on the way there, but once we got there, I kicked my shoes off, and took off for the water! Thankfully the sand was pretty smooth, and I made it to the edge of the water without doing a faceplant. I stuck my toes in, and it was FREEZING. I immediately turned around and hobbled back to the car, realizing at the same time that the sand wasn't exactly toasty either. I fell asleep again on the way home after that.

Saturday was a gorgeous day, the sun was shining, and so we went driving. I know I haven't mentioned yet what sort of car we rented.. well, here it is!

Yep.. a convertible! We had reserved a full size, and got this instead, for the same price. Awesome deal, eh? So Saturday we drove all around with the top down.. I am now sporting a very interesting sunburn pattern.. I have two stripes on my shoulders from my tank top straps, and a nice diagonal line from the seatbelt. Oops. Still, the temperature was great, we stopped and got some ice cream, visited my sister-in-law, stopped at a garage sale.. and to top off a great day, went to the drive-in movies with my brother-in-law and his wife. We saw Iron Man and The Ruins ('cause they show 2 movies for the price of one, which is awesome). Iron Man was pretty sweet.. The Ruins.. not so much. I'm glad we saw it there, because we were going to see it at the actual theater, and I would have felt like I wasted my money!

Yesterday was kind of wet and rainy, so I didn't do a whole lot. We took the car back (very very sad me!), and I spent the afternoon at my parents' house with my brother and his wife and their daughter. We celebrated Mother's Day and my mom's birthday. One more thing to celebrate in May, and that's my parents' anniversary on th 19th. It's a busy month!

That's all for my weekend.. I see that the Manic Monday word for today is doodle, so stop by later, I'll do my best to draw up something decent! ;)

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