Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Progression has been made! (alert: WoW post)



Spanish Inquisition downed the big fiery birdy Monday night. I wasn't there for that, but I got pulled in for Solarian after because my CL wasn't feeling well. I was excited and nervous all at the same time.. this was my chance to prove that all of the work I've done on my hunter for the past week or so has been worth it. I shot, I sent my pet in, I spammed my macro, I pew-pewed my little hunter heart out.

And it was beautiful. My pet died twice on aoe pulls, so I'm going to respec her with some resists.. but other than that.. I have made a VAST improvement. At least I think so.. I haven't heard from my CL if she's pleased or not, but either way, I'm over the moon about it. I went from under 600 dps, and the lowest-dps hunter in the raid group, to 857 dps at the end of the Solarian fight, and second on the hunter list.. the only one above me was the other BM hunter, and I was over ALL THREE of the MM hunters, including my CLA, who I have always considered to be one of the best hunters. On trash, my recount showed me over 1k dps at one point, and always over 900. Solarian messed me up a bit because I was trying to drop volley on the agents, and for some reason it wouldn't click the first round.. so I didn't do much dps on them at all. Still, again, this is a huge improvement for me.

BRK, you're my hero :)

I left after that, but I heard that the core of the group went and dropped Doom Lord Kazzak after I did, for yet more progression. Hooray! :)

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Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

your pet died? awww... and i would say i heard that the core of the group went and dropped Doom Lord Kazzak after i did but then you'd know i was lying because i don't know what the heck you are talking about honey......

smiles, bee

Amazing Gracie said...

I came over here to see how you're doing...I agree with Bee cuz I don't understand either! But I'm happy for you guys and for having a hobby you both enjoy. Hubman wants me to play golf with him. Yuck... I try to be gracious about it - like you take up painting with me and I'll take up golfing (safe for me cuz it's never gonna happen!).

BRK said...

1) Don't bother with Volley on the Solarian AoE adds. Help the OTs take down the big adds - healers we think they are.

2) Some pet-resists help. Two pieces of Tier 5 help a lot more.

3) Make your CL spec BM or SV. Three MM hunters is CRIPPLING YOU GUYS!

4) Good job, we're proud of you.



crazy working mom said...

I ♥ you, dear...even though I don't know what in the heck you're talking about!!!