Tuesday, May 20, 2008

I went on some raids..

and got some loot!

Asara is now rocking two shiny (literally) new weapons.

Sunday's raid got cancelled, so she went to ZA. Where one of the timed chests dropped: Rage.

Then Monday night was TK. Al'ar was first, and he was nice enough to drop Netherbane.

A +10 hit epic gem in the first, to keep me close to the cap until I can get my T5 shoulders, and +20 agility enchant on both, and I am doing pretty well, I think! Loot Reaver was not nice to my crowd tonight, dropping double Defenders and a Champion. Ah well, we'll be back again before you know it!

4 fellow footsteps:

Sandee (Comedy +) said...

Whatever you say honey. Have fun. :)

billy said...

"and he was nice enough to drop Netherbane."

Al'ar is a she. trust me, i looked ;)

FRIGGA said...

Hehe - you're ad is on my blog today!!! :D

DirkStar said...

Oh, very nice goodies!