Thursday, March 06, 2008


I fell on my butt in my driveway this morning. I had no chance.. the ice was worn smooth from the rain the other day, and covered with just enough snow to eliminate any hope of traction. I had my lunch bag in my hand.. which had 2 cans of Coke Zero and 2 cans of Slim Fast in it, and it whacked me in the face, to add insult to injury. I hope I don't get a black eye. A bruised hinder is enough difficulty, thank you!

I just realized I have been singing the wrong lyrics to "Locomotion" all these years. What I heard then: "My little baby sister can do it with me".. vs. what it is (what I just heard now that showed me I was wrong): "My little baby sister can do it with ease".

On the WoW front, I didn't raid last night. We were scheduled for Magtheridon and Gruul, and had more signups than raid spots. So I dropped my name on the wait list and went to bed (yay free dkp!). Apparently hubby told me how they did when he came to bed, but I don't remember what he said.. I don't think I was awake enough. I checked the raid loot list this morning though, and it looks like they got Magtheridon down and High King Maulgar, but not Gruul. There were quite a few new people there, so probably Mag took longer than expected, with coordinating cube clicks and whatnot. Tonight is Kara night (yay badges!) Hopefully I'll get to Exalted with Violet Eye finally. If we had gotten Nightbane down last week I'd be there already, but we stopped at Prince, and never got the group back together to finish off those pesky dragons.

I spent some time thinking last night and this morning, and I have decided on a new strategy to help out my WoW-challenged blogfriends. Instead of big huge WoW posts, I'm going to add a WoW term of the day to the end of my regular posts. Now, I'm still probably going to talk about raids and stuff that I accomplish with my characters, but I'm not going to do a huge dictionary post of all the WoW stuff that I can think of, because a. it will probably be overwhelming, and b. a lot of them will be unrelated, and probably I haven't used them in a while, so they won't really explain anything.

Today's term is Hunter (because I play one!). Hunter is one of the available playable classes in the game. They can be Dwarves, Draenei, Night Elves, Trolls, Tauren, Blood Elves, and Orcs. The specialty of the Hunter class is ranged damage. This means the majority of their skills center around the usage of a gun, bow, or crossbow. Because they need to be a certain distance away from what they're fighting to be able to shoot it, they are allowed to have a pet to do in-close combat. Basically, the pet gets sent to fight something, and keep it distracted so that the hunter can back away and shoot at it. There are many different types of pets available in the game, from "basic" pets like wolves, cats, and bears, to "fancier" ones such as windserpents, ravagers, and warp stalkers. The pets have their own set of skills to fight with, though the list isn't nearly as long as the list of skills available to the hunter. (The best pet site out there that explains what pets are available, and where they can be found, etc. is Petopia. It also has pictures!) Hunters can also use some small amount of magic to enhance their arrows (or bullets) to do more damage. Another use of their magic is the setting of traps to catch things, or do more damage to them. They have traps that hit things with fire, traps that catch things in a block of ice, and a trap that releases a bunch of snakes to attack and poison things.

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Skittles said...

Petopia!!!! Thanks!!!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

oh so sorry you fell honey! after that i didn't get much. ha ha ha

smiles, bee

crazy working mom said...

Oh you poor thing. I hope you feel better soon. :(

Thanks for clearing up those lyrics. I've been singing 'em wrong with you! *LOL*