Wednesday, February 20, 2008

WTB Sleep, PST with price!

Yesterday I signed up for a raid, thinking that I was feeling pretty well-rested, and could manage another tired day this week. In the back of my head I was hoping for Gruul's, because it's short (only a few trash pulls and two boss encounters, both of which my guild has done several times). But now that we've got Magtheridon down, my GM was hoping for another progression kill, so off we headed to TK: The Eye for another try at High Astromancer Solarian. (For my non-WoW friends: my guild leader wanted us to try to kill something ELSE we've never killed before, instead of something we've already done) We made a quick stop (first guild one-shot, yeah!) at Void Reaver, where two of my fellow hunters were gifted their T5 shoulders, and our new DPS warrior got himself a helm. In the middle of the fight, however, the phone rang. The husband of one of my coworkers finally got scheduled for his surgery.. and it's going to be tomorrow. This is like 10PM, and she is one of two people who come in for work at 3AM. So I missed out on the attempt at Solarian, because I had to go to bed. My alarm went off at 2, and I got up to find that hubby was still up playing WoW. They didn't get Solarian, so he was running Slave Pens (probably heroic, but I'm not sure) with the GM, the Priest CL, the Shaman CL, and the Rogue CL, because a couple of them needed the rep. Hopefully he's in bed by now!

In other news.. (besides the fact that I got 4 hours of sleep and am really REALLY tired right now, which is the whole point of that part up there, really) My paladin got to lv 60 over the weekend, and last night before the raid my hunter CL and her boyfriend helped me through the last part of the quest to get me my epic paladin mount. I got to see what that looks like this morning finally, because we got done RIGHT at raid time, so I had to quick log on to my hunter as soon as we were finished. I didn't get a screenshot yet, I'll probably post one tonight or tomorrow. She still looks silly on a horse, but now I can get an elekk for pretty cheap, so that's good :) If I do that, I'll grab a screenshot of her on both mounts.. just 'cause.

There will probably be video of our Void Reaver fight some time later today, if I find it, I'll post that too :) Have a good day everyone, hope you got more sleep than I did!

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crazy working mom said...

Wooosh...right over my head.

But, I love ya anyway. ;)

Someday I want to see this stuff in action. I bet it's fun to watch, although I'm sure I would completely and totally suck at it.