Monday, February 11, 2008

So.. I'm a bit sleepy today.

I'm in a raiding guild, something I may have mentioned before. What that means is that a few days a week, we get together quite a few people to attempt to take down some very big monster-type people. Last night's victim was Void Reaver, in The Eye. I have a screenshot of that, which I will add when I get home. And I wish I had some sort of audio recording too.. we didn't have him down before his enrage timer went, but we were soooo close.. There's nothing like the sound of 20+ people yelling at each other, ONE PERCENT, HE'S AT ONE PERCENT, GO GO GO, THROW EVERYTHING YOU'VE GOT AT HIM, COME ON, SOMETHING HIT!!!! The only thing better is the sound of celebration when he finally does fall before the last few people get stomped beneath his feet.

We also tried the High Astromancer (in the same place), but I think that one will take a few more practice runs. The thing with these fights is that they look very simple on paper, but actually getting everyone working together, especially when they've never done something before.. it can be tough. In some cases it just takes one person not paying attention, in others it's just completely random what can go wrong. We're learning though, and that (for me) is always rewarding!

3 fellow footsteps:

Kevin said...

The EYE is pretty fun. My guild actually just killed Void Reaver this week, and started on the Astromancer, so it's kind of funny you would mention them both in this post. hehe

Keeping the DPS alive seems to be the key thing for VR, lol. At least, it was for us, hehe. Haven't killed Astromancer yet, but got her to 57% so we should soon. :)

Good luck in there !

Skittles said...

I would love to learn more about all things "instance"!

Eric in Bellingham said...

Ya know I am a little groggy this morning as well, I was up till 1am playing call of duty 4. Is so adicting arg!!