Thursday, February 28, 2008

My CL is #1 (Yet another WoW post)

Last night was another epic night for my guild. The scheduled raid for the night was Magtheridon, who we killed for the first time last week. I signed up because it's a short encounter, and I figured I'd still be in bed at a decent time. We had some people who hadn't done the fight before, so after we demolished the four trash groups, we explained a bit about cube clicking and all that fun stuff. Try #1 - we're on the fourth summoner when Mag breaks free, but something goes wrong with the second round of cube clicks, and we wipe. Try #2 - again we make it through the summoners, and again we have a problem with a round of clicking. One of our trees is having connection problems, and he's a cube clicker. A bit of rearranging, and we're good to go for another try. Also, as we're running back, my GM says he's got some incentive for us.. if we down Mag early enough, we'll head over to Gruul's. That must have been enough incentive for most people because try #3 went off with very few problems. We lost a couple of clickers here and there (including myself, sigh), but had people available to take over, so things continued smoothly. He dropped one Hunter/Mage/Warlock token, which my CL got, yay hunters!

So we headed out to Gruul's. We got HKM down in two tries.. well, two and a half, because some noob hunter (whistles innocently) feigned too close to their starting points, and pulled when she stood up. Thankfully rezzes had just started and most of the raid was able to run back out without dying. My CL and I tanked Kiggler (and did a bang-up job of it too, I might add!). I don't remember all of the loot he dropped, but I know one of our newest shaman got something, he had gotten something from Mag as well. And on to Gruul.. which was VERY messy.. we started losing tanks at the end, and my GM ended up finishing the fight in bear, even though he was in kitty gear. But we persevered, and got him down in one try. He dropped one Hunter/Mage/Warlock token as well. I bid, but so did my CL, and she still had more DKP than me even after getting the chest piece from Magtheridon. I was a little sad, but hey, I'm still earning DKP and my turn will come eventually, right? :) So, grats to her, and on to the next piece, right? Nope. She says to me.. "Roll". So roll and I got a 19. Meh, stupid roll. She rolls and gets.. a 5. WHAT??? The GM says well, due to a decision by the CL, grats to Asara! I got my Tier 4 pants!!! My character sheet, for those who might be interested :) And yes, I know it doesn't show my guild.. it's the third time in a month that has happened. Stupid armory.

So I love my CL right now. And my hubby, because he could have bid on the token too, but he didn't, for the second time in a row, in hopes that I would get it. And my guild, for zipping through three bosses in one night, and being done before raid time was even up for the night. Now that Gruul is down, we're going to head to SSC on our next raid night and try again on Lurker. Here's hoping our streak continues, and we're able to add another progression kill to our rank!

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Mo said...

I think I need a WoW-to-English translator...
I'm just glad you & your cute hubby have a hobby you can enjoy together!

Wickedly Cool Bean said...

Grats on the tier 4 pants!!! My Lock is not ready for all that quite yet. Besides, my guild isn't all that much into raiding and whatnot. ::sigh:: Anyway, grats again and great site!