Saturday, February 16, 2008

Money Money!

I'm sure by now anyone who blogs has seen plenty of paid posts. Whether it be PayPerPost, Smorty, PayU2Blog, there are lots of opportunities out there for people who want to make a little extra money on the side by doing something that they do just about every day anyway. Doing what? Blogging, of course!

Up until now, I never really felt like that was something I would want to do on my blog. For one, I don't like the idea of passing along someone else's propaganda, even though I am in control of how it's passed along. You're reading the blog of someone who hates all the big-name clothing stores at the mall, by the way, because you can't even buy a simple t-shirt there without having the name of the store splashed all across it. I refuse to shop there because I don't want to be a walking advertisement for overpriced clothing. Yes, I realize it's high-quality, but come on, it's a t-shirt. Or a sweater, or whatever. I can buy the same thing at Meijer for one-third the price. Yes, it will probably wear out faster, but I can replace it twice and still probably have not spent the same amount of money. For me, it's a matter of having a different shirt to wear every day versus having one fancy shirt I have to wear every day because I could only afford one. Besides that, I don't hang with the kind of people who would care one way or the other if I got a shirt at Abercrombie or at K-mart.

Sorry, got a little distracted there. Anyway, thanks to my friend Linda, I've found a method of getting paid to blog that I think I want to try. Pretty much it's just taking surveys, which is something I like to do anyway. Then I embed my answers into a post, and I'm done! I pick which surveys I want to do and post, and really, I don't see how it's too far removed from say, a Blogthing. So I'm going to give this a go, and I'll let you all decide if I should continue. If you all feel that these things are getting in the way of regular postings, just let me know in comments and I'll quit, I promise.

That said, here's the results of my first survey!

3 fellow footsteps:

crazy working mom said...

I gave it a try too. :)

Skittles said...

I just saw this at someone else's blog and thought it was cool. :)

Linda said...

"Losing financial independence", eh? I think I already lost mine - or did I ever have it begin with?!?