Wednesday, January 16, 2008

And now to explain..

That there picture down there is my WoW character (ain't she purdy?), and her new pet, Leshya. I am showing off here, because to do so in the WoW community would probably get me flamed pretty hardcorely. Let me tell you why..

Firstly, because she was so hard to get. I discovered this pet through the WoW forums, which described the method needed to get one. I had to spend a lot of game money on a gem, and recruit two friends to come along. The timing had to be perfect, because once the wolf appears, it only lives for 8 seconds. To "tame" a new pet usually takes 20 seconds. So several things had to happen exactly right to make it so the taming process was done by the time the wolf died. It took us a few tries, but we finally got it to work, as you can see :)

Secondly, because the process I just explained will no longer work, as of yesterday, or possibly Monday, I'm not sure. When it was first discovered that this was possible, someone asked a GM (Game Master) if this was a bug or what. They responded that it had been determined that this was an interesting application of game mechanics, and that "there are no plans" to change this. A lot of people went, "phew, I can take my time getting this, then". And suddenly someone went to try it, and.. it's not working. What?? It seems in the dark of the night, someone snuck in and fixed it, without telling the players that they were going to, or even that they had. It wasn't until someone posted on the forums asking what was going on that they acknowledged that it had been changed.

People are angry. They feel like they were lied to, and I can completely understand. To have spent the money on the gem, and find out it's useless to you, or whatever.. is not very nice. On the other hand, this has been possible for at least a month, from what I've heard. Some people say well, you had a month, why'd you put it off?

I don't want to gloat that I have one, but I'm very proud of it, and happy that I got in just under the wire to get it too. They say that those of us who have them will be able to keep them "unchanged", but even if I don't get to keep it.. I'll still be happy to have had one, and proud that I was able to make something complicated work for me!

2 fellow footsteps:

Mags said...

That is pretty neat! Yay for you for getting one in time!!! :)

bobbarama said...

I hate you. (smile)

Actually, good for you. As you know, I'm still pretty new to the game ... although my Level 10 Undead Mage has turned into quite the killing machine. Woot!

Tell me you're not with the Alliance. :)

I'd look you up but we're on different servers. I'm in Silvermoon.

Love the game. Love your blog.

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Very cool of you.

Take care.