Friday, September 28, 2007

Flu Bug Friday

Yee-ha. I am sitting at work battling the flu today. I called my boss this morning, and said, "My family has the flu, and my turn is coming up pretty quickly here, do you want me to try to come in for a while, or stay home so I don't share?"

Apparently sharing is caring.

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Anonymous said...

Your boss is a sweetie! ;)

Maggie Moo said...

You're way too nice. I would have said, "Screw You!" and hung up.

Not really, but I wouldn't have gone in. Feel better!!!

Kiyotoe said...

You were too liberal with that one. You should have called and made yourself sound as bad as possible.

And NEVER ask if you should come in. Management will always say "yes".

Hope you feel better.

Anonymous said...

Oh you poor dear...your boss is definitely an ass! I hope you all feel better soon. :(

Amazing Gracie said...

Shoot! So there goes your weekend, I guess. I hope you all are okay, SOON!

Unknown said...

Your mission now is to spread it to as many fellow workers as you can to spite your boss for being mean! When everyone calls in sick and there is no one there they will only have themselves to blame :p

Jennifer said...

Gotta love bosses like that!!! Make it a point to be as close to him/her as you can so that you'll be "sharing" with him/her. We wouldn't want him/her to feel left out, now would we???

Hope you feel better soon!

Jennifer :-)