Saturday, August 11, 2007

Wii would like to play!

I'm at work today, and I'm not a happy camper! Last night (just before my WoW crashed, telling me it was time for bed) my brother-in-law called. He and his wife have been collecting Coke points for quite a while now, and I guess they finally got enough for a Wii! He said it came in the mail yesterday, and did we want to come over and play? AUGH! Yes!!! But.. :( I swear in my life there's always a "yes, but". I have had one of the most horrible weeks at work.. people calling in, long days (like 14+ hours long, 3AM until 5PM), and thanks to our liquid smoke supplier, I'm here today. Had it at least been a normal work week, I'd have gone anyway and just been tired today. But I was already exhausted last night.. and I really don't want to end up sick from lack of sleep.

So we're going over today after I get done at work.. something to look forward to! :) New Mario Party, woooooo!! Or should I say.. Wiiiiiiiii!!!! :D

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Anonymous said...

Wiiiiiiii...hope you guys have fun! :)