Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fill In The Blank

I was tagged by Tisha at Crazy Working Mom for a new meme. It's great to see some new things surfacing. This meme comes to us from Frank of Honk'n'Holl'r.

Here are the rules, as he states: Rules are simply fill in the [blank] in "Foxxfyrre's: Things you shouldn't say around [Blank]", and write at least eight phrases you shouldn't say around your [blank]. To make it interesting, when you tag someone, go to their meme and add a phrase using their [blank] topic. Send your list of 5 tags back to the person that tagged you so they can follow and play with their [blank] topics also.

This one is for all the grown-up kids :)

Things You Shouldn't Say Around (or to) Your Parents:
1. The last time I was that drunk was at the Senior graduation party when someone spiked the punch!
2. No, I've been to that hotel once before, my date and I went there after Prom. The rooms are really nice!
3. Great party! It reminds me of the one I had at the house when you guys went on vacation.
4. Check out my new tattoo!
5. Yeah, I got it pierced back in high school.
6. I can't believe I never got caught all those times I snuck out of the house!
7. Remember when you guys took me over into Canada to hit the bars for my 19th birthday?
8. Dad, I never really thanked you for taking me to the strip club when I turned 18. That was one of the best nights of my life.

I'm going to leave this open for anyone who wants to give it a try.. just leave a comment so I can come check out your list, thanks!! :)

3 fellow footsteps:

Anonymous said...

Great job! Thanks for playing. :)

Linda said...

This one goes along so well with Tisha's one for children! Thank you for the laughs though I swear I have never ever said any one those things ever!

Amazing Gracie said...

Those are terrific! Great sense of humor showing...