Friday, August 10, 2007

Death Eating a Cracker

The lovely Linda of Are We There Yet? is having a contest! She is giving away a coffee mug decorated with the art of her very own daughter Amanda, and I want to win one!

So what I'm supposed to do is write a post about a time when I myself felt like Death eating a cracker. I'm guessing that's something like death warmed over, and I can think of at least a couple of times in my life that I felt like that. The first was the time that I got overly acquainted with this guy.. his name is Jose Cuervo, perhaps some of you know him? He and I don't speak any more, (unless he brings some sweet and sour mix and crushed ice to the party) and it's because of this incident (which was SO his fault). My boyfriend's sister was staying with me in my apartment for a while, and she had a couple of friends over, and my boyfriend was over as well. Our big drinking thing at the time was tequila shots, because they were fun! I mean, the lemon, the salt, whee! Much more fun than just downing what was in the glass. I had been working late that day, and so they all had a bit of a head start on me in the drinks department when I finally got home. I walked in the door and was told, "Get over here, you need to catch up!"

Not one to be disobedient, I proceeded to do shots with the bf's sister.. I think that first round was nine altogether, and pretty much one after another. At that point we ran out of tequila, so we had to make a run to the party store down the street. About the time we got there, the shots started to hit me. We were more than giggly as we bought another bottle and brought it back to my apartment. Once we got back, six more shots were in order before I was judged to be sufficiently drunk. I don't remember a lot more of that night.. except being bound and determined to play some Pokemon Snap! I plunked myself down in front of the tv, and I remember the screen being blurry, but I was going to take me some pictures of some Pokemon! I don't even remember what level I tried to play, or if I even took any pictures. The next thing I remember was being in bed, and suddenly needing to be in the bathroom. In all, over that night and most of the next morning, I threw up a total of five times. One time was just from my boyfriend suggesting I have another shot to help get rid of my hangover. I don't think I've ever felt so bad in my life.

So there you have it, Miss Linda! My experience as Death Eating a Cracker :) And for anyone who's interested to see what other products are available featuring Amanda's art, stop by her CafePress store, Artistic Intoxication, and check it out!

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Anonymous said...

I do not drink tequillia (TO KILL YA is what I call it) because I've had a similar experience. My first time in New Orleans...I don't remember much about it. I was trying to keep up with a friend who was shooting it. She kicked my ass to say the least. I could never out drink her! *LOL*

Linda said...

Great post and oh the memories it brought back for me - though it wasn't tequila that was kicking my boot but dreaded whiskey! I got into a competition with a guy that I used to work at a radio station with and we were doing one-on-one straight shots until it got to the point where I couldn't gag down another single drop without feeling like I was going to vomit from just the taste! I was fine until I stood up from the table and then - oh my God - I crawled into the bathroom and didn't emerge until over 12 hours later feeling like Death eating several very large crackers!

I was never so sick in my entire life and couldn't even lift my head up the entire day. I think it took a good two days before I finally felt human again and I swore that I would never ever get that stinking drunk again and I haven't!

I just love this post of yours! Thanks for entering the contest and good luck!

Amazing Gracie said...

Man, you guys! Talk about alcohol poisoning...I got drunk once, on gin and tonic. I had three of them within 30 minutes and threw up, ate dinner and was fine. Never got drunk again...not my idea of a good time. Yack.