Thursday, May 10, 2007

That's dirty.

I googled myself today. (see, I told you it was dirty!)

In the interest of seeing just what exactly page rank does for a person, I wanted to see how my blog stacks up against others, so I did a blog search for Asara. First up in the results was the lovely review that Billy Mac did of my blog last night. Next was my most recent post at the time, followed by my word cloud over at Pretty Good on Paper (thanks again caveblogem!!). What I found interesting was that three of the results pointed to something about dinosaurs. When I checked those out, it turns out that there's a doctor named John Asara who teaches at Harvard (!!) and works at the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center doing mass spectrometry. Some of his work has included analysis of material taken from a Tyrannosaurus Rex bone, which has helped establish a link between dinosaurs and chickens. How cool is that??? I wonder what he thinks about dragons.. :D

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Skittles said...

Everyone is googling themselves lately. (Muwhahaa!)

He may not like ALL dragons, but I'm sure he'd like YOU!