Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Interview MeMe ~ Dragon Style!

I snuck over to The Dragon's place a little while back, and he had posted some interviews that he had gotten from other people. And since I like talking about myself so much... wait.. that didn't come out right..

Anyway, I asked him to come up with some questions for me! Here they are, complete with actual answers, from none other than yours truly.

1) What aspect of your current life would the 16 year-old Asara be most proud of?

Hm. Probably my husband and kids. I always said I wanted to be married by 25, and I got married 8 days before I turned 26! :)

2) What aspect of your current life would 16 year-old Asara be most embarrassed of?

Lol.. it sounds shallow, but probably that I'm living in a trailer. She thought we were going to be a doctor, and we're living WHERE?? I'll have to send her a memo about Organic Chemistry.

3) If there was a movement to ban all RPG's including "World of Warcraft" and you were invited to a Senate hearing to defend your favorite game, what would be your defense?

Laptops for everyone, and a single statement. If more than half of all of you are not still playing this game in an hour, I concede.

4) In her interview, Skittles defined "friend"......what is your definition of "family"?

It's not that far off from Skittles definition of friends. Family are the people that know you and love you inside and out, despite and because of your faults, despite and because of your talents, unconditionally. Genetics has absolutely nothing to do with it.

5) If you were writing a book about your children, what would your first sentence be?

Let me introduce you to two of the most wonderful surprises of my life.

And the rules, as always.. if anyone wants me to interview them, all you have to do is ask! :)

7 fellow footsteps:

Kiyotoe said...

wow, that was quick. Maybe I didn't dig deep enough for those questions, huh?

Good job sista....

Skittles said...

Doesn't he ask good questions!

Your home is lovely and so what if it's a MOBILE HOME?! :)

I bet your pulse went up with the thought of no more WoW!

Btw.. congrats on passing 2000!!!!

Asara said...

Kiyotoe - it wasn't that you didn't dig deep enough, I just haven't changed a whole heck of a lot on the inside since I was 16 :) At least I don't think I have...

Skits - *blink* well looky there! Not a lot compared to.. what, 50,000 on yours?? lol!! I don't mind though.

Sara said...

"Here,here" to the Organic Chemistry thing!

billy said...

"Probably my husband and kids. I always said I wanted to be married by 25, and I got married 8 days before I turned 26!"
so was I just some 'conquest' so you get married in time?

Kiyotoe said...


Dirk_Star said...

Good interview. This is one I did too.

So what do I do with the baby now until his eighteenth birthday rolls around and I kick him out of the house?