Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hey Coke Drinkers!!!

If any of you out there drink Coke, and aren't in the Rewards program, would you want to give me a hand? I just recently signed up for the program, and there are some things I'd really like to get. If you don't use your codes, would you mind sending them to me using the email link on my sidebar? I would really appreciate it!!! :D Thanks!

5 fellow footsteps:

VegasGirl said...

Heya! No problem about the off topic posts =0) I'll just return the favor and post OT here =0p hehe

I drink 24 packs of diet coke all the time. I'll try to shoot some reward points your way. I never use them.

Robert said...

Sara and I do the rewards program..
We almost have enough for a wii

Barb said...

We're Pepsi drinkers, but if we end up with Coke, we'll be glad to help you out!

Anonymous said...

You poo-poo head! We asked you and Billy to give us your Coke caps a few months ago. Now you go off and join the program! Thhhhhhh! ;)

Barb said...