Monday, April 16, 2007

I'm being lazy today!

Before you click play, be prepared to get this song stuck in your head for a while. It's been three days since I first saw it, and hubby and I are still singing it to each other. It's got a World of Warcraft slant, but I bet lots of you will recognize the tune. Enjoy!!

I just have to add that after so many times hearing it, we can now whistle or hum the tune to our son, and be rewarded with a "ROFFELMOW!" How do they get so darn adorable?? Hubby said that this afternoon he was whistling to himself, and Andy kept popping out from behind his chair and saying that. Love that kid! :)

2 fellow footsteps:

Anonymous said...

roflmao! duh duh du-du-duh. ;)


Barb said...

Mana na na na nah... UGH! lol