Tuesday, March 20, 2007

MaNiC um.. Tuesday! {Chipper}

Late again. I have a good reason though! Saturday night I started having a sore throat. A sore throat for me always means a cold is on the way, and this one was no exception. I spent all of Sunday moaning and groaning from the couch because my brain was leaking out my nose, and it felt like every pain receptor in my body was lamenting its loss. At the same time though, I was relieved, because the achy day is always the worst for me, so I thought, hey, at least I'll be better tomorrow and I can go to work. So I took a couple Sudafed PE and went to bed. And now the reason I chose "Chipper" as my Manic Monday topic.. I woke up on Monday feeling anything but. My head felt about three times larger than normal, I could hardly keep my eyes open, and my throat hurt even worse than it had on Saturday night. I started my get ready for work routine, and after realizing I'd just spent the better part of my time sitting in the bathroom, I decided to call in to work. I'm so glad I did, too. I may not be feeling quite chipper yet, but the extra rest did wonders for my cold. Now I've just got a week or so of coughing to get through, and I'll be a happy little dragon again! Here's hoping the rest of you had a more "chipper" Monday than me! :)

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