Wednesday, February 14, 2007

..underwhelming, to say the least!

Hubby is looking through hotel reviews for our upcoming vacation in Oklahoma City. There were 2 reviews for one on the lower end of the room price ranges, and neither was very pretty. In the section where a guest could write what was good about the room, one said "the locks on the doors" and the other one said "the security cameras in the parking lot". Can you believe it? The recommendation was to only stay there if you can't afford anything else. Wow. You can believe we're not going to stay there! Crazy people talking to themselves in the lobby, my hind end!! Yikes!

Update: Thanks to the large deposit required by the rental car company, OKC is out of our budget range. So, now we're going to Topeka! I can't wait to see the shot glasses they sell there :)

3 fellow footsteps:

Barb said...

Wanna send the number for that one? Me & Mike have two weeks this summer. (Smile.)

Anonymous said...

Now it is Oklahoma City?

Josh said...

Tulsa is nice. It's where I grew up.