Monday, February 05, 2007

MaNiC mOnDaY #2

The theme for this week is "Drift". After all the snow we got this weekend, I can think of no better interpretation for this word, than as it applies to snow. According to the local news, we got over a foot of snow over the past two days. According to my leg as I stepped off the stairs to start shoveling, we got up to my knee. Thankfully it was relatively light and fluffy snow, not heavy and wet. Had it been much warmer when the snow fell, I probably wouldn't be here writing this, because I'd be in the hospital getting my arms reattached. As it was, I still only managed to shovel the walkway next to the house. I had to ask Billy to shovel the actual driveway. He did a wonderful job, too. We had a pile of snow at the end of the driveway that probably would come to the middle of my chest, thanks to the park plows, and he shoveled all of that out of the way so that I could get to work today. What a sweetheart! I made sure to have some nice cocoa waiting for when he came back in. And it looks like it's still not done snowing.

Spring is coming soon, right?

Manic Monday courtesy of Morgen at It's a Blog Eat Blog World!

Image borrowed from The London Camera Club.

14 fellow footsteps:

Sara said...

Who wants to move down to Florida and live with Gran with me?

Asara said...

I'm in!!!

Skittles said...

I remember that kind of snow!

crpitt said...

No snow here, but its bloody cold!
I like the sound of light and fluffy snow! Liking the sound of the hot cocoa even more.
Cool Manic.
Mines up.

Claire xx

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

gosh it is even cold HERE today! high only 72! and i'm not being silly y'all, to me that is cold!

smiles, bee

Rach, Los Angeles Photographer said...

I'm not trying to rub it in or anything, but its supposed to be in the mid 80's here today. :P

Sara said...

72, 80 degrees?
Why do I live in Michigan?
Let's go Asara!

Sara said...

72 is comfortable: t-shirt and jeans weather. Some up here will wear shorts at that temp.

Chris said...

Snowed all day today, but didn't really stick.

That sounds like the proper stuff!

Sanni said...

7 or 8 single snow flakes during the last weeks... but it´s sooooo cold - I´d love to drift in "real" snow =)

Mike said...

I'm still waiting for actual snow here lol.

Mags said...

This has nothing to do with your post, but I wanted to tell you that every time I see "Asara" on this blog or Skittles', I think:

Asante Sara Squashed Banana...

So much so that it was in my head when putting my away message on AIM that I put the real I think of you as Asante Sara.

Just thought you should know. ;)

Morgen said...

Asara: why don't you & I get a goodie bag ready for Barb & Mike -- like a snowdrift in a bag!
We got a comparable amount to you here in sw michigan -- and it's now the drifts that are taking over!
thanks for participating in Manic Mondays!
~ Manic Mo

Asara said...

Mo: I could get a large insulated cooler from our shipping department, would that work? I don't think that even the snow from my steps would fit in it, but it would be a start!
Thanks for hosting Manic Monday, I enjoy thinking of things to post for it!