Monday, December 18, 2006

Five Questions

"The Five Questions Interview Game"

I got this meme from Skittles a while back, and finally got around to putting something together for it :)

1. What have you learned so far from your visitors? Bloggers are generally very encouraging people! If you have a down day, or post something personal and serious, they're always there to say, "It's ok, we understand, or if we don't understand, we sympathize. Buck up, it will all be just fine."

2. Did blogging change your life or your personality in any way? Not that I've noticed, but I tend to be a bit dense when it comes to things like that.

3. Are you satisfied with what you’ve achieved this year, in general? Yes!!! New house, new promotion, new kid (my daughter was born in January), it's been a great year!

4. If someone would offer to pay for a course for you, what course would you take? Tummy tuck 101

5. If you had the opportunity to meet one person that you admire the most in the world, who that person would be? Rachael Ray, she's so great!! :) The next generation's Martha Stewart, and then some. I love her energy, and the passion she puts into her creations.

I don't have the slightest idea who to tag, so if you want it, here it is, come and get it! :)

10 fellow footsteps:

Kiyotoe said...

uh keep it, i don't want it.

never heard of Rachael Ray. The next Martha Stewart? Do we really need another one?

Carrie said...

This is where I go OMG I can't believe you've never heard of her 'cause she's seriously all over the place. Next time you're at the store, check out a box of Triscuits. Or watch the Food Network for any period of time if you get it on cable. She is awesome.

Rachel Schell said...

I've never heard of her either. Guess I better google her.

I liked this question and answer thing...very fun.

Kiyotoe said...

i watch the food network all the time but still...never heard of her. I must be paying too much attention to the food.

That's like going to Hooters and staring at the waitresses' name tag all night.

Priorities Asara, priorities.

Carrie said...

All right, you!!
30-minute meals, that's Rachael Ray. Also the $40 a day show, I don't remember the exact name of it. Does that help at all? :)

Barb said...

Well I've heard of her so nyah! I like her 30 Minute Meals. I like the stove she uses on it :) Where have these people BEEN?

Josh said...

My readers want to send me Anthrax via mail.

Anonymous said...

I love these 5 questions - I know who started it, it was only a week ago, and I'm now seeing it pop all over the place-its really cool to watch it go.

Who's Rachel Ray? ;-)

Thanks for commenting on my blog-the more the merrier!

Can we get some kind of award for Bobby Griffin btw? He deserves something...

Ps. What the heck are Triscuits?

Carrie said...

Wow.. I just got back here from commenting on -your- blog. How weird is that?? What are Triscuits?? Ah.. from the I see you're a Brit. Good thing I like Brits.. I'll answer your question reasonably. ;) Triscuits are snacks.. like crisps, but not quite. Eh.. oh hell, I'll just let Wikipedia explain it for me, lol. They're delicious, at any rate. Hubby loves them with chicken salad.

Anonymous said...

Ah, its funny when you notice someone commenting on your blog, it gives you the chance to run screaming through their blog like they've left the door open...

Hmm, Triscuits. Don't think I've missed much-hoped they might be like Oreo's.

Ah, sweet, sweet, oreos..I'm glad there's a Costco in Aberdeen :-)

Re: your question, I'd love a link & I'll happily swap you one right back.

Night! (It is here anyway).