Thursday, December 07, 2006

6 Weird Things About Me - MeMe :)

I got tagged with this quite a while ago by the Happy Sunflower but I slacked off on actually doing it (sorry!), mostly because I never got time to sit down and think of six weird things about me that I wanted to write about :) But I'm going to get it done today, even if I have to leave this window open on my computer all day while I think about it. So here goes!

6 Weird Things About Me
1. I eat Kit Kats and Nutty Bars layer by layer, no matter how much of a chocolate mess I make on my fingers because of how long it takes me to do so.
2. I still adhere to "step on a crack, and you'll break your mother's back". Though I know her back won't break, I still have issues with stepping on pavement cracks. Even at work, I have a certain way I walk down the hallway so I don't step on any of the cracks. I'm ok with bricks though, because they're not technically cracks, just spaces between bricks, and they're full of grout. Broken bricks are another kettle of fish.
3. I put mayonnaise on my french fries.
4. I can recite the entire "Constitutional Peasant" scene from Monty Python and the Holy Grail from memory, with a pretty dead-on accent.
5. I love the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. I own the first movie. ("Adam, what's the matter?" "..I'm a frog") The second one was stupid.
6. I would like three sesame seeds, some pickle juice, and an ice cube, wrapped up in a napkin shaped like a triangle. (This is here for the benefit of one person, and one person only. My friend Meredith. She knows why.)

8 fellow footsteps:

Anonymous said...

only 6?
I could list 20 or so weird things about you =)

Carrie said...

Ok, smarty pants, let's see 'em!!

Sunflower said...

hi, eventually you did it!
we are all weird enough:-)

Mike said...

I see another web page in the future lol. A good list.

Alex said...

That's odd. I eat Kit Kats the same way.

Something about things that break naturally into perfect little layers makes me take the time to peel it apart one bit at a time.

It's probably because I'm a pedantic grad student, but I'll run under the illusion that it's my poetic soul that drives my passion to discover what's under every nook and cranny of life.

Feel free to vomit when necessary.

Max and Me said...

mayo on french fries? what's next? mayo on a corned beef sandwich? such blasphemy!

just stopping by to say hello...i hope you have an enchanting day!

Anonymous said...

I think the Kit Kat and Nutty Bar thing is natural. I do it too. It seems insane just to take a bite from the end of the whole wafer.

Mayo on french fries, isn't that a European thing? Maybe your birth parents are from Europe. ;)

SQT said...

Yeah, I do the kit kat thing too. I think it's my vain hope that it'll make it last longer. I love kit kats.

I think eating mayo on french fries is European. Not my cup o' tea though.