Thursday, November 02, 2006

World of Warcraft is a Feeling

Hi, my name is Carrie, and I am an addict. I am addicted to the World of Warcraft.
It all started about a year ago. My hubby knew I liked the Warcraft series of games, and so for Christmas, he bought me the MMORPG that's sweeping the nation, World of Warcraft. I installed it the day he gave it to me, and excitedly set up an account. We had dial-up at the time, but I wasn't worried. Once my account was set up, I started up the game. I couldn't wait to see what it was like!

I learned something about online games that first day. Patching happens, and it happens often. My installation CD was version 1. At that time, patches had brought the game to version 8. With dial-up, downloading all of the patches to play the game took 3 days. I kid you not. THREE DAYS. And it didn't help one bit that my connection kept cutting out when I'd been online too long, and of course, I couldn't sit in front of my computer and watch it for that long. So had it been uninterrupted, it might not have taken that long. Still.

Finally, FINALLY, the patching was done. I was ready to play!! In those three days, I had read up on all the different races (there are 8) and classes that existed in the game, and decided what kind of character I wanted to make. Asara was born into the WoW world that day, and she hasn't looked back! Over the past months, I've learned a lot about the game, but I know I've still got plenty more to look forward to. I found a great guild, the Spanish Inquisition, and I've made many friends there. We're working on endgame raids now, as a guild we've downed Kurinnaxx in AQ20, as well as the snake, bat, raptor, and I think the spider in ZG. We also ran a bit of MC, but I wasn't there for that, so I can't say too much on how it went.

I love this game, though. The addicting thing about it is there's always something more you can do with it, at least at the stage I'm in. Maybe there are endgame guilds out there who have done everything there is to do, but for me, I've still got goals. Right now I'm working on SW rep for my epic mount, and I'm still hoping to collect the rest of the beaststalker set of armor so I can upgrade it to beastmaster. I've also got a dwarf priest alt that I'm hoping to level up to 60, but I think until I can get Asara her epic mount I won't be spending a lot of time playing her. So to all the WoWers out there in Blog world, I'm on Malfurion, maybe I'll see ya some time!

4 fellow footsteps:

Barb said...


This is kind of like a mechanic showing me what's wrong under the hood of my car :)

I'm glad you have fun with it though, even moreso now that you have cable!

I bet you'll start getting hits from people doing searches on this. I can tell you where to go to get added to google.)

(But first you have to let me know how yesterday went. lol)

Mike said...

I know how addicting gaming can be. We have the Dungeon Siege series. As for patches, I know about those also. I bought a train sim for the pc and found out it needed a patch 603 megs. LOL. Dungeon Seige 2 also needed one 200 megs. I wish they'd get it right the first time.

Anonymous said...

Hi my fellow WoW buddy ;-). Hope to see you online soon.

Anonymous said...

No comprendo. But then, I don't understand when Skittles goes into her "world of blog making" techniques either. I just skip it.