Monday, November 27, 2006

Our house,

Is a very very very fine house.. :)
We've only got the one cat though. Oh well, can't have everything!
Well, the holiday is done, the tryptophan has been slept off, and I'm -still- tired! Of course, I'm sure that having gotten up at 2:30 after less than 4 hours of sleep has absolutely nothing to do with that. I so love it when people in my department go on vacation! I can't really complain too much though, I took last Wednesday off, and was told this morning that the people I usually work with were here until 7:30 that night making sure all of our meat inventory would carry through until today. I'd imagine the person filling in for me was cursing my name that day! With luck I'll only have to do this one day this week, which will more than likely take care of my early-early days for the rest of the year. Of course, there are a couple of semi-early days (like 5AM) scattered in there, but I don't mind those too much. And the early-early days aren't all that terrible either, because I will likely be relieved at 2:30 or so and get to go home! So that's only 4 and a half hours of running around to get through. I can do it!
Let's see, what else is going on.. We're just about settled in the house, we've still got a few boxes of random stuff that need to be sorted, but the majority is taken care of. With our Christmas tree set up, it really is starting to feel like home, but there is a small little voice in the back of my head saying "but when are we going back?" The whole move and everything was accomplished so quickly, I don't think I've quite caught up to everything. The kids have settled in well though. My son is SO proud to have his own room! We're gearing up for Christmas now, the hubby did almost all of our shopping online on Saturday, just a few odds and ends to take care of now. And of course the hoping and worrying that everything will make it to our new house safe and sound! We'll probably see the first things later this week (I hope!) That's about it for now, gotta get back to running around and looking busy! Hope you all are having a great day :)

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Barb said...

You get up some days around the same time I'm going to bed lol.

Billy said the same thing to me on the phone.. that he still doesn't feel like he's HOME home, yet. That will come in time for both of you. But, I'm so glad you're out of that other place and where able to find someplace new that is SOOO nice!

We have to wait for another disability check or two to come before we can start shopping. We'll REALLY be watching the mail!

Mike said...

It does take time. It always seems weird the first couple of weeks. It was like that when we moved here. Things settle down though. I'm glad Andy likes having his own room.

DirkStar said...

Yup, what Mike said.

Nice blog, well laid out.

Anonymous said...

you know, if spent more time working than blogging, while at work, you might get to go home sooner =)

Shelby said...

yay for the new place! take care

Sunflower said...

congratulations! and thanks for stopping by my Sunflower blog so early:-)

Stewart Sternberg said...

They say a move is difficult for kids. I think kids deal with that sort of change more easily than adults.

And as for your husband? Smart man doing all his shopping online. It is so much nicer than fighting people in the stores.

Kiyotoe said...

i remember when i got my own room all to myself. Whew, couldn't tell me nothin'. I might as well had a driver's license and a six pack of corona!