Sunday, November 05, 2006

I'm sorry, lol

I take too many online quizzes for my own good. But I like to share the results of what people I don't know say I'm like because I answered certain things on a quiz. One of the questions on this one was "What's your favorite drink". Luckily rum and coke was on the list, otherwise my results here would have been totally skewed by the substitution of a less-than-favorite alcoholic beverage. Phew!

What type of person do you attract?
Your Result: You attract unstable people!

Congrats, you are an 'insane' magnet, and you probably have no idea why. Something about your mix of styles, how you walk not just 'one' lifestyle, but appear to have a foot in them all. To the insane, you appear to be a beacon of hope and they will flock to you, like it or not. But, they ARE insane. Lucky for you, the insane tend to be the best sexual lovers, just the rest of the package deal may not be for you.

You attract geeks!
You attract artsy people!
You attract rednecks!
You attract models!
You attract Yuppies!
What type of person do you attract?
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6 fellow footsteps:

Barb said...

Welcome again to our family LOL :)

Lee said...

Well, anything's gotta be better than attracting yuppies right? ;)

Where'd you find this poll? I wanna try it! BTW, thanks for visiting!

Lee said...

Thanks for fixing that...I attract Artsy People...or I would if I left the house. ;)

Kiyotoe said...

Wow, it said I attract yuppies. I have never been with a yuppie in my life but the description sounded pretty accurate.

I might need to look into that. But what do yuppie women look like?


Kiyotoe said...

p.s. - I've honored my Meme obligation.

Anonymous said...

When I read the type of person you attract, my first thought was Billy!