Wednesday, November 29, 2006


What to do. This isn't a picture of my cat, but it's a pretty good likeness. Our cat is named Oliver, and he's a pain in the butt! He was a kitten when I met my hubby, one of several that had been gifted to him in the form of a pregnant stray. Oliver had three brothers and one sister, named Jack, Sunshine, Joey, and Lucky. Lucky you all have met at my mother-in-law's blog, she's the famous advertising kitty that lives at my sister-in-law's house. Jack and Sunshine live with one of hubby's friends' brothers, and Joey was adopted out through an ad to a nice lady who loved his long white fur and his blue eyes. Oliver is the last kitty we have left out of the several hubby had when I met him. Since we have moved, I have become his favorite person. I don't know why, but he always wants to be near me whenever I am home. He'll even come in the bathroom with me and twine himself around my legs. I mention him today because he's gotten in the habit of laying over my feet and legs when I'm sleeping. Cute right? Yea, except that it wakes me up when I try to move my feet in my sleep and he's either weighing them down so I can't, or in the way of where I want to put them! I think I had to kick him off the bed four times last night. I love my kitty, but I love my sleep too! I guess I'll just have to adapt, I'm sure he's still confused about what happened to his house, and he knows I'll cuddle him if he comes over to make him feel better.
The funny thing about all this is that my daughter has started to do the same thing! Not the sleeping on my feet thing, but she is very insistent about being near me when I am home. Once she sees that I am home, that's it, she's squeaking and giggling, and crawling her cute little way over to see me, and I had better pick her up! Can someone please tell me why all of a sudden I'm so frickin' popular??? :)

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SQT said...

I have a cat that looks almost like this, and he is a complete jerk! Seriously. I love cats, always have, but this one is a pain. I keep him because I've had him for 10 years but he is the most anti-social animal ever.
I finally had to break down and make him an outdoor cat because he decided he no longer felt like using his litter box. No matter what litter I use or how often it's changed he decided he preferred my bath mats. 5 minutes after I bought new ones he had already christened one. I could have killed him.

Now he just sits outside looking nonplussed like WTF happened? I seriously think he wonders what our problem is. Oh, we have a cat door to the garage, we're not completely without heart.

Barb said...

It might be that Emily and Oliver are just confused and insecure after moving.

Would you consider a cage or carrier? For the cat, not Emily. LOL. Or close your door at night?

Barb said...

You've been TAGGED with the Five Christmas Songs MeMe!

Carrie said...

Could be, could be :)
I suppose we could shut the door, but then I'd probably lie awake wondering if that noise I heard is someone crying because they had a bad dream or something, and getting up all the time to check. And a cage/carrier would probably freak Oliver out more, as he'd think he was going somewhere, and would get all scared and pee on himself like he does when we try to take him outside. sigh. Thanks for the suggestions though, and I think you're probably right about the reason behind it.