Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I am feeling mopey and tired :(
Does anyone have some amusing anecdotes or jokes to help cheer me up? It doesn't take much, I promise you that.
Earlier today a coworker of mine got me with this story:
I went to visit my friend at work this weekend, and while I was there a truck driver came in with some supplies. He said he'd just had a weird experience, so we asked him to tell us what had happened. He said he was driving down the road, when he saw a cooler just sitting out beside the road. It looked like a nice cooler, so he pulled over to pick it up. When he did, he noticed it had something in it, so he opened it up. It was full of toes!! We were totally horrified at this point, and we asked him, well, what did you do?
He called a tow truck.
Think it over, and don't worry, it took me a couple of minutes too.

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Barb said...

*groan* ;)

Let me try this:

I don't remember if you were there or not one night when Bob & Sara had brought over that game.. is it called Catch Phrase? Anyway.. the clue was "He's fat and comes at Christmas." Billy shouted out "MIKE!"

Mike said...

LOL. You gotta love those corny jokes.

Stewart Sternberg said...

They say a pun is the lowest form of humor. I always say that Eye don't have a problem with them. The cornea they are, the better. As a teacher, I use puns to warm up my pupils. It's a better discipline tool than giving them a lashing. Whatever lens itself to the situation, I always say. The point is that sometimes humor can help the kids keep a lid on it.

Carol in VA said...

Ohhhh now that's funny!!!! I love jokes like that. I love Stewart's - it's a perfect example of a well-thought out pun!

Anonymous said...

-That's right, a STAR MAN!
-what do you call a boomerang that doesn't come back? a STICK!
-oh my candies!