Friday, October 27, 2006

The random question from my profile needed an answer!

I wrote this story in answer to the random question that was given to me when I edited my profile. I hope you like it!

Once there was a bald frog. He was kind of ashamed to be bald, as all of his friends had wonderful silky purple hair! So one day he went out walking, in his favorite hat. It was blue with green and orange stripes. While he was walking, he came across a field with long grass of all different colors, waving in the wind. He thought to himself, "that is beautiful grass! I would like to take some home with me". So he cut some of the grass, and put it under his hat so he wouldn't lose any of it. When he got home, his neighbors saw the grass poking out from underneath his hat, and immediately came over to see him! "What wonderful hair you have grown! How did you manage it?" The frog didn't know what to say, he was ashamed to say that it wasn't hair, because of the respect in his neighbors' eyes. So he told them that he had made a special tea, and drank it every day for a month, and when he woke up, his hair had appeared on his head like magic! The rest of the frogs rushed out to make the tea. But after a month, they were horrified to see that all of their hair had fallen out! The first frog, terribly ashamed, finally told them the truth about his hair. But when they arrived at the field, there was nothing there, the grass had all died. The frogs waited in vain for their hair to grow back in, but it never did. And that is why, to this day, all frogs are bald.

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Barb said...

I always wondered about that!!!

Barb said...

hehee.. I remember this :)

Claire said...

What a cool little story, my nephew would love this.