Tuesday, October 31, 2006

My Halloween Story

So my mother-in-law wanted Halloween stories to publish on her blog, and I sent her mine. But whatever little devil stole her file with stories on it, got mine too, and I never got the chance to re-send it. So.. I'll put mine here, and maybe y'all will stop by to read it.

Back when I was in high school, there was a place in town called the Maze Craze. Basically it was just a building with a giant maze in it. They changed the layout of it every month, to keep people coming back. For Halloween, I went to visit it with my friend Roxanne, and our friend Nate. They (of course) had made it a "spooky maze", which meant that the majority of the lights were off, and there were people in costumes wandering around in there with the people trying to solve the maze. So the three of us went in, and things were going pretty well. Me being the fearless person that I was back then, I was in front, and Roxanne and Nate were following me. We turned around a u-shaped corner, and ahead of us on the right was an opening in the wall, with a light shining through it. I knew what was going to happen right away, because had I been one of the people in costume, that would have been a perfect place to hide and scare people. So I walked past the opening, and sure enough, someone in a werewolf costume leaped out with a roar!!!
I turned around in just enough time to watch Roxanne scream, spin around, and bolt! Poor Nate was a little behind her, she plowed right through him, and right smack into the wall of the corner we had just turned! The two of them collapsed in a heap, and I almost fell on top of them, I was laughing so hard. It must have been a full five minutes before I could stop laughing enough to help them get up. The rest of the maze passed without incident, but I will never forget how the two of them looked piled up on the floor. Thank you, Mr. Werewolf, for one of the best Halloween memories of my life!!

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Barb said...

Great story =) Yeah.. I didn't want to be a NAG about it lol. I don't know why the text didn't wrap. If it were me I'd probably just say to heck with it & center the picture :)

Barb said...

Oh wait. I have an idea. (Run away!!!) Bring up Edit Post, then go to Edit HTML. See if deleting spaces between the end of the picture code and the beginning of the text code works.

Carrie said...

HAHA it worked! darned thing stuck in a "div" after the picture insert. Thanks mommy!