Monday, May 07, 2007

Danger, Danger!

I have always had pretty good eyesight. Hubby has always had pretty BAD eyesight. For those of you who know what it means, the prescription on his contacts is around 11. He doesn't like to go to the doctor at all, so he usually makes his contacts last as long as he possibly can, to extend the time between visits, even though you're supposed to get your eyes checked every year, in case something has changed that would affect your prescription. Last time he ordered his contacts from 1-800-CONTACTS, which worked pretty well. However, he's on his last pair now, and he's had them in for a while. I said, well, if you don't want to go in to the eye doctor again, call up the contact place and see if they'll send you some more! He finally did last week.

He forwarded me an email on Friday that he got back after he tried to place his order. It said that they had tried to confirm his prescription with his eye doctor, but had been informed that it was invalid. They advised him to check with his eye doctor, and have them call with updated information. This is what he added to the top. "So evidently, its easier to order Viagra and other prescription drugs online, than to order contact lenses..
-you know, to keep those crazy kids from getting their thrills by wearing contacts too strong for them.."

We had a pretty good chuckle over it when I got home. I mean, I suppose I can see the logic, they don't want people ordering the wrong contacts and then suing them when their eyesight gets worse or whatever, but the mental image I got of a bunch of kids sitting around with a bottle of contact solution, and the furniture covered with Acuvue boxes.. "Hey man, check THESE ones out, your eyes will so totally cross when you try to see through 'em!!!"

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LOL.. you two are goofs!

When Billy was around five, I took him to Dr. Spears. I was told his eyes were so bad he might very well be blind by the time he was thirty. I think I cried for days about that.

Getting contacts was the best thing he could have done because it slowed things down. I hope he gets his eyes checked.